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Improve the success of your implant treatment

Having enough bone is key for successful dental implants

If you need an implant in your upper jaw but don’t have enough bone to support it, a sinus lift can help. This simple and restorative procedure makes getting an implant possible even if you’ve experienced bone loss.

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Benefits of a sinus lift

When the upper jaw loses bone, the spaces near your sinuses might get a bit too close for comfort, affecting your facial structure and making it tricky to add dental implants. A sinus lift gently moves these sinuses back up, and then we add bone material to bulk up the upper jaw, making it ready for new teeth.

  • Broader eligibility for implants
  • Improved implant success rate
  • Prevention of implant failure
  • Better long-term health


Fadi Hasan


The success of your implant is Dr. Hasan’s top priority. Board-certified in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery, Dr. Hasan has completed additional training and certification in implant dentistry. He is one of the few periodontists with this superior level of specialization, allowing him to treat even the most complex cases — including those with bone loss.

Whether you’re replacing a missing tooth or a past implant is failing, Dr. Hasan can help. Using measures like a sinus lift or bone graft, he can restore your implant and smile back to health.

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Do you need a sinus lift?

We may recommend a sinus lift procedure if you don’t have enough bone in your upper jaw. This includes situations where…

Your jawbone has previously been damaged

You’ve suffered bone loss as a result of gum disease
Your jaw bone has receded because of tooth loss
A cyst or tumor has been removed from the area
You have a large sinus cavity or thin jaw bone
We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your unique needs. During your initial consultation, Dr. Hasan will thoroughly assess your situation, discuss your goals, and create your personalized treatment plan.

What Sets Us Apart?


High-tech imaging means high-tech treatment. We use advanced cone beam imaging to take high-definition anatomical scans. 3D images of the bones, teeth, nerves, sinuses, and structure of the head, face, neck, and jaw allow us to evaluate whether or not a sinus lift is necessary.


We’ve carefully planned every aspect of your visit to ensure a quality experience from start to finish. Patients often remark on our impeccable chairside manner and ability to help them feel relaxed. You’ll enjoy our modern, relaxing space designed to help you rejuvenate and restore.

Faster, Easier Recovery

We offer IV sedation and use minimally invasive techniques to ensure a better experience and faster healing. Your comfort and happiness are very important to our team.

Lasting Outcomes

With advanced technology, customized service, and a highly trained team, Dr. Hasan is dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcomes for our patients. We’ll help you achieve a long-lasting smile.

Sinus lift questions? We have answers

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a dental procedure that enhances the bone structure in the upper back jaw, enabling Dr. Hasan to successfully place your dental implants. This area of the mouth is one of the most difficult areas to place an implant because it typically has lower bone quantity and is very close to the sinus. During a sinus lift procedure, your sinus is lifted upwards to make space for additional bone. From there, bone is grafted to the upper jaw and given time to heal.

What's the difference between a bone graft and a sinus lift?

A bone graft involves adding bone material to improve jaw bone density in areas that don’t have enough bone to sustain dental implants. Sinus lifts have the same purpose but are specifically addressing the upper jaw.

What happens if I get an implant without a sinus lift?

Without the support of a strong and healthy bone structure in your upper jaw, a dental implant is more likely to fail in the future.

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