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Periodontal disease can undermine the bones around your teeth, creating hidden pockets that harbor bacteria and cause further damage. Osseous surgery, also referred to as pocket depth reduction, is a specialized procedure that involves removing or recontouring damaged bone around the tooth to get rid of these pockets.

At Sculpt Center for Implants & Periodontics, we’re committed to providing care that’s as painless and informative as possible, ensuring that you feel supported every step of the way.

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Your initial visit at our modern studio involves a thorough evaluation by Dr. Hasan, where he’ll discuss your symptoms, review your oral health history, and use advanced imaging technology to understand the extent of bone and gum damage. We believe in personalized care, delivering treatment plans designed just for you.

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Understanding Osseous Surgery

Dr. Hasan may recommend osseous surgery to:


Remove bacteria from beneath your gums


Reshape the bones around your teeth to eliminate craters


Reduce periodontal pockets to prevent future bacteria


Create a smoother root surface, encouraging gum reattachment


Lay the foundation for a future of improved dental health and maintenance

If you’re suffering from advanced gum disease and unable to get results from non-surgical treatments, osseous surgery is an effective treatment for restoring your oral health.

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Meet Your Periodontist

Dr. Fadi Hasan


With a reputation as a leading periodontist, Dr. Hasan’s expertise in McLean, VA osseous surgery is informed by both extensive education and years of experience. He’s not just a specialist; he’s your partner in maintaining oral health.

What Sets Us Apart?

Precision Technology

We employ the latest advancements in periodontal surgery, using high-resolution surgical microscopes and digital imaging to guide our procedures with the utmost precision.

Patient Comfort

You’ll love our attentive and gentle approach to care. Our studio is designed to provide a serene and comfortable experience, allowing for a stress-free path to recovery.

Swift, Smooth Recovery

Our minimally invasive surgical techniques promote quicker healing and reduce discomfort. With our expertise, you can enjoy a streamlined osseous surgery procedure.

Exceptional Results

Dr. Hasan and our skilled team are committed to delivering superior results. We’ll provide you with a solid foundation for your teeth and a smile that you can be proud of for years to come.

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Enjoy our modern, relaxing space designed to help you rejuvenate and restore. We’ve carefully planned every aspect of your visit to ensure a quality periodontal and dental implant experience from start to finish. We proudly serve patients throughout McLean, VA Vienna, VA and Wolf Trap, VA.


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