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Do you need gum grafting?

If your gum line appears uneven or the gum tissue around your teeth feels drawn back or worn away, you may be dealing with receding gums. Gum recession can lead to both cosmetic and oral health problems if left untreated.

Our specialized McLean VA gum recession treatments can improve the aesthetics of your smile and cover exposed tooth roots to prevent further recession.


Dr. Fadi Hasan


Dr. Hasan is an award-winning, board-certified periodontist. He has specialized training and expertise in procedures focused on the teeth’s supporting structures, including gum recession treatments. He’s dedicated to providing comfortable, compassionate care and world-class results for every patient.

If your gum line is uneven or receding, talk to Dr. Hasan about your options — you may be a candidate for gum grafting or another gum recession treatment.



What is gum recession treatment?

1. Goal

Restore your gum line to its natural position, protect your teeth from decay and sensitivity, and improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.

2. Process

We carefully use grafting and non-invasive techniques to rebuild the gum tissue, covering exposed tooth roots and promoting natural gum regeneration.

3. Benefits

By covering exposed roots and reinforcing the gum line, we significantly reduce sensitivity and decay risk. This process also safeguards against tooth instability and, ultimately, tooth loss.

McLean gum recession sculpt center for implants & periodontics

Dr. Hasan may recommend a gum grafting procedure if you…

Notice your gums receding or pulling away from your teeth
Feel discomfort or sensitivity due to exposed tooth roots
Want to enhance the aesthetics of your gum line
Desire a lasting solution to prevent further gum recession and tooth loss

Our patients enjoy a superior experience

Advanced Technology

We utilize the latest and most advanced technology in dentistry. With state-of-the-art microscopes, low-radiation scanners, and ultramodern sedation options, we ensure precise, patient-centered care at every stage.

Patient Comfort

Getting expert dental care doesn’t have to be painful or unpleasant. Your comfort is our highest priority. With our high-tech approach and modern office, we can ease anxiety and provide comfortable care at every appointment.

Smooth Recovery

We’re dedicated to not only making your treatment as comfortable as possible but also providing a fast and easy recovery. Our gentle, minimally invasive approach and IV sedation options will help to encourage a fast, smooth healing period.

Beautiful Results

Our treatments are customized to your individual smile and specific aesthetic goals. With our expertise and ultramodern technology, we’ll give you beautiful and long-lasting results to boost your confidence and improve your overall health.

Find out if you’re a candidate for gum recession treatment

If your gum line is uneven or receding, you may be the perfect candidate for gum grafting or another gum recession treatment. In just one visit, Dr. Hasan will develop a personalized treatment plan to address your concerns and give you beautiful, long-lasting results.

Healthier gums are within reach

  • Improve the overall appearance of your smile
  • Strengthen your gums
  • Prevent gum disease and tooth loss
  • Reduce gum and tooth sensitivity
  • Protect your teeth from excess plaque build-up
  • Create an even, natural-looking gum line
  • Boost your confidence!

In just one visit, Dr. Hasan will develop a personalized treatment plan to address your concerns and give you beautiful, long-lasting results.

Learn more about gum recession

Why is gum grafting necessary?

Picture this: you’re enjoying your favorite ice cream, but as soon as it touches your teeth, you feel a sharp, uncomfortable sensation. This can indicate that you’ve lost some of your gum tissue, which is vital in protecting the roots of your teeth. Without enough gum tissue, your teeth become more sensitive, and your gums can recede even further, leading to a higher risk of tooth loss. Gum grafting can help restore your gum tissue and prevent further damage. With healthy gums, you can enjoy your favorite foods and a confident smile.

What causes gum recession?

Gum recession is a gradual process. Many people don’t realize they have it until it’s progressed and possibly caused severe damage. The most common underlying cause is gum disease.

How do you decide which grafting method to use?

Each case is unique, and the choice of grafting method is entirely personalized to your needs and preferences.

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